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PHILIP MARTIN'S was founded in 1984 in Italy by Mauro Trimigliozzi who, after a life long experience in the organic cosmetic business, decided to create the PHILIP MARTIN’s brand in 2003. The brand name is inspired by the names of his two children who, for him, symbolise purity since birth. Philip Martin’s philosophy is to try and maintain that state of purity through the use of body and hair care organic and non toxic chemical products.

Due to the important demand of products through the years Philip Martin’s has increased its production units, quality control and production standards in order to acheive worldwide known certi cations such as Ecocert. Our mission is to use our experience to blend ingredients derived from natural organic farms abined to alimentary preservatives and non toxic chemicals in order to give the right compromise and perfect balance between quality, health and performance.

Our choice

  • is to be pure
  • no compromises
  • natural products
  • of biological derivation
  • passion for nature
  • beauty and wellness
  • lifestyle
  • health awareness no petrolchemicals
  • no formaldehyde no nickel

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