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PHILIP MARTIN'S Aloe Pure Gel scalp cleansing treatment 100% pure aloe gel. Without smell and color, very light in texture and quickly absorbed. Contains no added chemical substances. Gives an immediate hydrating and freshness sensation.

£5.63 £22.50

PHILIP MARTIN'S Tommy Baby Cream Wash / Cleansing Cream A specific emulsion formulated for babys' skin. The many ingredients with natural origin clean and soothe the babies skin maintaining its natural physiological balance. Its light texture removes the impurities yet leaving the skin soft and silky without needing any rinsing. 

£7.71 £15.42

PHILIP MARTIN'S Hydrating Cream Wash balancing shampoo.  This moisturizing creamy texture shampoo, deeply cleans, moisturizes and protects hair without being aggressive, thanks to its mixture of moisturizing vegetable ingredients, conditioning oils, like soy lecithin, and essential oils like peppermint and bio olive oil.

£8.13 £16.25

PHILIP MARTIN'S Ultimate Gel / 100% Aloe Gel Gel with a pure Aloe base for medium hold. Fine product for hair fixing without using plastic or toxic ingredients. Can be used on wet hair for easier hair fixing or for better results on curly hair.

£8.75 £17.50

PHILIP MARTIN'S Free IT detangling treatment. This unique detangling cream contains a high concentration of active nutritive ingredients which give elasticity and hydration to the hair. A few minutes after being applied it provides a spectacular detangling and recontructive action, on even the most coarse hair.

£10.21 £20.42

PHILIP MARTIN'S Four Season Protein Treatment Specific organic treatment formulated for hair stressed by colors or bleachings. The Parkii butter mixed with moisturizing ingredients and the Guar, give a deep, immediate and long lasting hydratation. Essential oils deeply penetrate the hair, give strength to split ends giving elasticity and shine

£10.63 £21.25

PHILIP MARTIN'S Triple Moisture Treatment / Moisture Rinse is a treatment for exhausted and weak hair, rich in natural hydrating ingredients usefull for an immediat and long lasting hydratation. It optimizes the natural reserves of water protecting the hair and keeping it soft and hydrated. The Guar has a high coverging function and keeps hair soft and...

£10.63 £21.25

PHILIP MARTIN'S Dry Sun Spray / Hair and Body Sun Spray First Bio compatible derivation oil for both face and hair use. Thanks to its active and vegetable oils this product enhances and intensifies the tanning effects on the skin giving extra duration and intensity. When sprayed on the hair it protects from UVA leaving the hair soft and hydrated.

£15.42 £30.83

PHILIP MARTIN'S Natural Spray is a Bio Alcohol, Gas Free Natural, No Gas spray for a medium - strong hold and a durative setting.

£20.94 £27.92

PHILIP MARTIN'S Olive & Aloe Anti Aging Hair Treatment - 100% Bio. This unique product is obtained by using an ancient Indian formulae which mixes the aloe and pure olive oil which supply to the hair strength, body and shine.

£149.79 £299.58
Showing 1 - 12 of 56 items