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FUENTE SOFT ICE Leave in conditioner & protective mousse • Protects colour • Makes hair soft, shiny and full of vitality • For all hair types • Contains yoghurt powder, guar and pro-vitamin B5

£3.65 £14.58

PHILIP MARTIN'S Scalp Benefit conditioning treatment is formulated for people with specific scalp problems such as: irritation, sensitive skin, scalp irritation and hair loss. It is also ideal for people with extensions, who frequently change hair colour, make permanent or hair straightening and accumulation of toxins.

£18.77 £22.08

PHILIP MARTIN'S 24 Everyday Shampoo is formulated to clean scalp and hair with natural and bio ingredients. Gently removes Chlorine residues, styling products residues and silicon. Can be used on a daily basis.

£21.96 £25.83

PHILIP MARTIN'S Calming Wash detoxifying shampoo formulated to rebalance the scalp with oily dandruff or oily hair. Normalizes and cleanses the scalp without being aggressive on the hair.

£13.81 £16.25

PHILIP MARTIN'S Hair Loss Nutriment Lotion derived from organic natural ingredients. Ideal for scalp, fine hair and hair loss. The glycogen helps the growth of the hair giving vitality and shine.

£29.75 £35.00

NAK Daily Detox Shampoo sulphate free . paraben free . cleanse . revitalisedesigned for scalp + hair / beard + bodyStart fresh and detoxify your scalp + hair, beard + body. Wipe the slate clean with a refreshing cool mint cleanse, engineered to erase hardcore body oils, wax or styling residues. Preps hair for a long day or rough night.

£10.98 £12.92

PHILIP MARTIN'S Revitalizing Spray / Hydrating & Glossing Spray is a two phase treatment with precious ingredients which mix together in an evanescent emulsion giving hair moisture, shine, softness and revitalization to roots and ends.

£16.65 £19.58

NAK AROMAS OIL An intensive natural conditioning oil, for strong, coarse hair textures, that controls frizz. Shine enhancing Argan extracts restore softness, shine and lustre. Protects hair wet or dry, from friction, heat damage and styling elements.

£5.31 £21.25

By NAK Nourishing Shampoo - Replenishes - Moisturises - Softens Please Note: Actual packaging may differ from images shown.

£6.02 £7.08

NAK         Please note: Actual packaging may differ from images shown.

£23.38 £27.50

NAK AROMAS COLOUR CONDITIONER A rich, protective botanical conditioning cream, that nurtures and protects hair from colour fade. Strengthening Almond Milk Proteins and restorative aroma botanicals preserve condition, softness and manageability in colour treated, chemically treated, dry or damaged hair.

£12.75 £15.00

NAK Nourishing Conditioner - Replenishes - Moisturises - Softens   Please Note: Actual packaging may differ from images shown.

£6.02 £7.08
Showing 1 - 12 of 122 items