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PHILIP MARTIN'S 24 Everyday Shampoo is formulated to clean scalp and hair with natural and bio ingredients. Gently removes Chlorine residues, styling products residues and silicon. Can be used on a daily basis.

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Babassu Wash is a volumising shampoo specifically formulated for fine hair in need of extra volume. Extremely mild, it gently cleanses the hair and scalp, giving volume, added shine and extra body to your hair.

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Colour Maintenance Shampoo is specifically formulated for colour and chemically treated hair. Refreshes and revitalizes the hair colour. It contains vegetable surfactants and has natural conditioning characteristics which enhance hair shine and silkiness.

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Calming Wash detoxifying shampoo formulated to rebalance the scalp with oily dandruff or oily hair. Normalizes and cleanses the scalp without being aggressive on the hair.

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Purifying Wash purifying shampoo specialy for scalp care. It gently cleanses both scalp and hair exposed to smog and pollution. Saw Palmetto, known for being able to inhibit DHT(Dihydrotestosterone) synthesis, helps to remove the excess of sebum that can cause the hair loss.

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Babassu Rinse volumising conditioner for fine and chemically treated hair. Very rich in proteins, leaves the hair shiny and easy to comb.

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Colour Repair restorative conditioner is rich in butters and vegetable oils which regenerate and revitalize the hair. Hydrates, giving elasticity and reconstructs the damaged hair protecting it after chemical colour treatments Hair will be soft and shiny with enhanced and prolonged colour.

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Maple Rinse hydrating conditioner is the ideal hydrating conditioner for dry or chemically treated hair. Thanks to the vegetable oils the scalp will be more elastic, hydrated and your hair silky, soft and shiny.

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PHILIP MARTIN'S 32 Pure Essential Oil is an oil mixture of 32 different herbs and essential oils. It is incredibly effective for many health issues. It does not contain alcohol, does not stain and is quickly absorbed. Thanks to its versatility it is refreshing, invigorating, balsamic, enlivening, firming and reactivating.

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Aloe Pure Gel scalp cleansing treatment 100% pure aloe gel. Without smell and color, very light in texture and quickly absorbed. Contains no added chemical substances. Gives an immediate hydrating and freshness sensation.

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Free IT detangling treatment. This unique detangling cream contains a high concentration of active nutritive ingredients which give elasticity and hydration to the hair. A few minutes after being applied it provides a spectacular detangling and recontructive action, on even the most coarse hair.

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Four Season Protein Treatment Specific organic treatment formulated for hair stressed by colors or bleachings. The Parkii butter mixed with moisturizing ingredients and the Guar, give a deep, immediate and long lasting hydratation. Essential oils deeply penetrate the hair, give strength to split ends giving elasticity and shine

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Showing 1 - 12 of 42 items