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PHILIP MARTIN'S Four Season Protein Treatment Specific organic treatment formulated for hair stressed by colors or bleachings. The Parkii butter mixed with moisturizing ingredients and the Guar, give a deep, immediate and long lasting hydratation. Essential oils deeply penetrate the hair, give strength to split ends giving elasticity and shine

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Infinito protection & repair oil formulated with argan oil and olive oil which protect and repair hair from the sun and aggressive chemical ingredients. Gives excellent protection from clorine commonly found in swimming pools.

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Jojoba Pure Oil - 100% pure Jojoba oil with a hint of essential orange oil. Formulated for extra dry hair or chemical treated hair. Great for professional use before color. It deeply penetrates and repairs without weight down your hair. Luxory treatment for hair, scalp and body.

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Olive & Aloe Anti Aging Hair Treatment - 100% Bio. This unique product is obtained by using an ancient Indian formulae which mixes the aloe and pure olive oil which supply to the hair strength, body and shine.

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Triple Moisture Treatment / Moisture Rinse is a treatment for exhausted and weak hair, rich in natural hydrating ingredients usefull for an immediat and long lasting hydratation. It optimizes the natural reserves of water protecting the hair and keeping it soft and hydrated. The Guar has a high coverging function and keeps hair soft and...

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Hair Loss Nutriment Lotion derived from organic natural ingredients. Ideal for scalp, fine hair and hair loss. The glycogen helps the growth of the hair giving vitality and shine.

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NAK TREAT WITH CARE CONDITIONING TREATMENTAn effective conditioning treatment steeped in Shea Butter, Keratin Proteins and smoothing extracts of silk, strengthen hair to assist in repairing damage, whilst conditioning agents improve hydration, pliability and overall  manageability. Restores moisture, shine and softness.

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NAK AROMAS ENDS THERAPY hold factor 0 A rich, nourishing botanical cream, designed to seal, smooth and nourish fragile strands and delicate ends. Softening flower extracts and hydrating aroma botanicals, correct moisture balance to create luxurious softness and protection from roots to ends..

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NAK AROMAS HYDRA THERAPY TREATMENT MASQUE A luxurious hydrating treatment masque, designed to soften, enrich and moisturise hair. Restore sublime condition to chemically treated, dry or dehydrated, frizzy and curly hair.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items