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PHILIP MARTIN'S Pleasure Hair & Body Rejuvenating Spray is a conditioning treatment for body and hair; it gives a sense of well being without weigh down your hair. Contains vegetable oils, and vitamins complex that reinforce the hair and moisturize the skin.

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Dry Sun Spray / Hair and Body Sun Spray First Bio compatible derivation oil for both face and hair use. Thanks to its active and vegetable oils this product enhances and intensifies the tanning effects on the skin giving extra duration and intensity. When sprayed on the hair it protects from UVA leaving the hair soft and hydrated.

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NAK BEARD & FACE ELIXIR A naturally hydrating botanical elixir, designed to soothe, soften and nourish sharp beard bristles, hair and skin. Enriched with conditioning Jojoba, Rosehip and Sweet Almond Oils that add a natural sheen to dry hair and soothes itching and irritation on the skin or scalp. A subtle masculine scent with pure essential oils of...

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FUENTE Rhassoul Body Scrub A refined body scrub that ensures smooth, well-tended skin. Luxury body scrub that gently removes dead skin cellsThe Rhassoul clay is rich in minerals that have a purifying and improving effect on the skinThe scrub granules made from apricot kernels provide a natural exfoliation of the skinCleanses the pores, leaving the skin...

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FUENTE A special shower sensation based on Rhassoul Clay. Has a purifying and detoxifying effect on the skinProvides delicate and moisturising skin cleansingEnriches skin with nourishing mineralsEspecially suitable for dry and sensitive skin

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FUENTE Rhassoul Hand Cream An intensive nourishing hand cream that restores and balances the skin. Luxury hand cream for moisturising, softening and repairing handsAn intensive care that is rapidly absorbed by the skinThe Rhassoul clay improves the texture, elasticity and firmness of the skinEspecially suitable for dry, rough and sensitive skin

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Antiage Intensive Skin cream / Antiage Face Cream Light and ungreasy lotion, easy to absorb. if used costantly, it can help your skin's natural resilience, texture and coloring, keep skin firm and minimize fine lines and wrinkles, while it nourishes and moisturizes.

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FUENTE Rhassoul Body Cream An intensive nourishing body cream that for velvety soft skin. The Rhassoul clay is rich in natural mineralsVarious oils ensure ultimate hydration Is quickly absorbed by the skin and allows the skin to radiateProvides an improvement of the skin structure

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FUENTE Rhassoul Hand Soap A gentle cleanser with a refreshing fragrance. Mild hand soap based on Rhassoul clayEnsures intensive cleansing of handsAloe has a calming and restorative effect on the skinAfter washing, use the Rhassoul hand cream for optimal care of your hands

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Antioxidant Skin cream / Antioxidant Face Cream Soft, moisturizing and anti pollution lotion, made of active ingredients that protect your skin from the outside attacts, neutralizing the formation of free radicals and regulating the water balance of the skin. An everyday use helps to keep your skin elastic, fresh and radiant.

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MEDICEUTICALS Dual Moist Moisturising Hand, Body & Face Cream 24 hour protection pH Balanced Fragrance Free For dry and / or irritating skin

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Delicate Skin Face Cream Hydrating lotion nourishes and moisturizes your skin thanks to its natural extracts, reinvigorates and improves skin elasticity. ideal for sensitive or irritable skins, deeply moisturizes, calming redness. Great if used before makeup. its texture is not greasy, deeply hydrates and gives tone, freshness and vitality...

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