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FUENTE Estilo Sea Salt Gel Ultra firm gel with a unique sea salt formula. An ultra hold gel with sea salt, suitable for every hair type Water solubleUse on dry or towel dried hairNo flakes!With heat protection

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FUENTE Ice Cream • Gives hair body, bounce, and long lasting hold • Adds shine • Suitable for all hair types • Can be applied on wet hair • Alcohol free • Containes lavender oil and orange 

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FUENTE Molding Glace Is a firm, water-soluble gel. Does not dry out hair. Leaves no akes Easy to remove with water. Not sticky on hands Can be used on wet or dry hair With a heat protection upto 300 degrees 

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FUENTE Roller Skate • Styling spray for blow dry or rollers• Adds volume and body• Heat protection• Can be applied on dry and wet hair• Contains lavender oil and orange peel oil 

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FUENTE Shaping Gum Matt fiber wax  Ideal for creating sculpted styles  Can be applied on many types of hair  Spread well across the palm of the hand and then apply to dry hair With a heat protection until 300 degrees 

£5.10 £20.42
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items