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PHILIP MARTIN'S Calming Wash detoxifying shampoo formulated to rebalance the scalp with oily dandruff or oily hair. Normalizes and cleanses the scalp without being aggressive on the hair.

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NAK DANDRUFF CONTROL ShampooTargeted cleansing to help manage and control dandruff, flaking, scale and other mild scalp concerns. Nourishing sea minerals and Peppermint extract soothe itching, redness and an irritated scalp environment.

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Scalp Benefit conditioning treatment is formulated for people with specific scalp problems such as: irritation, sensitive skin, scalp irritation and hair loss. It is also ideal for people with extensions, who frequently change hair colour, make permanent or hair straightening and accumulation of toxins.

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Olive & Aloe Anti Aging Hair Treatment - 100% Bio. This unique product is obtained by using an ancient Indian formulae which mixes the aloe and pure olive oil which supply to the hair strength, body and shine.

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MEDICEUTICALS MX DUAL THERAPY Unique Masque for Healthy Hair & Scalp Repairs and revitalises the hair. Brings the scalp into optimum condition.

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NAK Daily Detox Shampoo sulphate free . paraben free . cleanse . revitalisedesigned for scalp + hair / beard + bodyStart fresh and detoxify your scalp + hair, beard + body. Wipe the slate clean with a refreshing cool mint cleanse, engineered to erase hardcore body oils, wax or styling residues. Preps hair for a long day or rough night.

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FUENTE Menta Herbal Shampoo Herbal shampoo that soothes the scalp. Contains natural herbs including mint and chamomile Suitable for dandruff, and an unsettled, oily and irritated scalp The scalp restores and regains its natural balance Lets the hair fall smoothly and ensures a natural volume Strengthens the hair papillae

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FUENTE Menta Herbal Treatment Mask Intensive mask that has a restorative and calming effect. A natural mask suitable for hair and scalpMenthol has a cooling and soothing effect on the scalpThe addition of wheat proteins ensures that the hair structure is strengthened and the hair maintains its body and volumeEasily to apply with instant results

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FUENTE Menta Herbal Scalp Treatment Anti-allergy lotion that restores and nourishes a sensitive scalp. Anti-allergy lotion for sensitive (head) skinAloe vera provides a direct solution in cases of allergic reactions to the scalpGives cooling to irritated, sensitive and restless scalpThe herbs calm the scalp and make it supple

£13.81 £16.25
Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items