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PHILIP MARTIN'S Jojoba Pure Oil - 100% pure Jojoba oil with a hint of essential orange oil. Formulated for extra dry hair or chemical treated hair. Great for professional use before color. It deeply penetrates and repairs without weight down your hair. Luxory treatment for hair, scalp and body.

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Olive & Aloe Anti Aging Hair Treatment - 100% Bio. This unique product is obtained by using an ancient Indian formulae which mixes the aloe and pure olive oil which supply to the hair strength, body and shine.

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"The World's Most Luxurious Shampoo" TRUFFLE by FUENTE Shampoo Meteorite Powder White Truffle Diamond Dust

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FUENTE Roller Skate • Styling spray for blow dry or rollers• Adds volume and body• Heat protection• Can be applied on dry and wet hair• Contains lavender oil and orange peel oil 

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FUENTE SOFT ICE Leave in conditioner & protective mousse • Protects colour • Makes hair soft, shiny and full of vitality • For all hair types • Contains yoghurt powder, guar and pro-vitamin B5

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Four Season Protein Treatment Specific organic treatment formulated for hair stressed by colors or bleachings. The Parkii butter mixed with moisturizing ingredients and the Guar, give a deep, immediate and long lasting hydratation. Essential oils deeply penetrate the hair, give strength to split ends giving elasticity and shine

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Hydrating Cream Wash balancing shampoo.  This moisturizing creamy texture shampoo, deeply cleans, moisturizes and protects hair without being aggressive, thanks to its mixture of moisturizing vegetable ingredients, conditioning oils, like soy lecithin, and essential oils like peppermint and bio olive oil.

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PHILIP MARTIN'S Infinito protection & repair oil formulated with argan oil and olive oil which protect and repair hair from the sun and aggressive chemical ingredients. Gives excellent protection from clorine commonly found in swimming pools.

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NAK         Please note: Actual packaging may differ from images shown.

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NAK Nourishes - Replenishes - Moisturises - Softens Designed for normal to coarse hair – dry or colour treated     Please note: Actual packaging may differ from images shown.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items